Completing modified payments and doing partial returns in Klarna V2

So when working with Klarna V2, to complete a payment it’s possible to use CompletePayment, and to return a payment, it’s possible to use ReturnPayment on the PaymentProvider. What if you want to modify the order before completing, or doing a partial return? Is there any way to do this through the intrastructure provided by Litium, or is using the Klarna API directly the only way to do this?

Litium version: 5.6.4

Partial payments with Klarna will be available through headless api Add-on, when Klarna payments HPP is released. Its planned to release it on mid April 2019.
A comming release on Litium L7 will have support for return management in Litium API. UI for return management would be available from a later version of Litium.