Description field in MediaArea


I’we created a custom FolderTemplateSetup and FieldDefinitionSetup to create a field and folder in MediaArea in BO.

for name i created _nameInvariantculture as a constant for the name field. however Description field in there, i cannot seem to find any references to it.

Checked the whole solution and translations resources but cannot find anything regarding mediaarea even though it contains translation.

Litium version: 7.2.3

You can add the Description field with _description.

var template = new FolderFieldTemplate("CustomFolder")
    FieldGroups = new[]
            new FieldTemplateFieldGroup()
                Id = "General",
                Collapsed = false,
                Fields =

You have all the system field constants already in the system. You will find them on the constant file Litium.FieldFramework.SystemFieldDefinitionConstants.

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Great thanks, just what i Needed =)

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