Following klarna "Upgrade to V3" guide, _requestModelAccessor is null

I’m upgrading Klarna from V2 to V3 on a Litium 6 with Accelerator.
I’m following this guide:

First, the guide reference to “Changes in class KlarnaPaymentConfigV3:”, I don’t have this class.
But I do have a class named “KlarnaPaymentWidgetConfigV3” which matches the instructions of the guide to what I can do in the class.
When I have followed the guide in this class I end up with multiple errors.
First one is that _requestModelAccessor is null (there are no initiators for this variable in this class so of course this does not work, but I can’t reach anything Called RequestModelAccessor at all.
This is just one of multiple errors that pop up, all of them is mainly something that I can’t reach due to not finding correct namespace.

So, guide is referencing a class that I don’t have and that creates errors in the class I modify isntead that uses the same named methods mentioned in the guide.


Litium version: 6

The instructions are for Litium 7, I’ll look into making that clearer on Docs.

Could you use the latest version of the Accelerator (6.3.8) and compare to yours?

I’ve downloaded the Accelerator 6.3.8 and compared the KlarnaPaymentWidgetConfigV3 class to my 6.1.1 one, and the files/classes look the same.

Edit: Except that the 6.3.8 is already using “using Klarna.Rest.Core.Model;”.

So I think I got further now. I followed the numbered list of the guide but I did not copy the code.
That made it so I could build the solution. Now I’m getting another error in frontend though, when I try to load Klarna:
"Error when calling GET"

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