_requestModelAccessor.RequestModel is null in KlarnaPaymentConfigV3

I’m trying to use latest version of Mvc Accelerator together with latest version of Klarna Checkout. To fix build errors I had to do some changes in KlarnaPaymentConfigV3 according to

Now I get an exception on row 151 because _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel is null

private void AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod(CheckoutOrder klarnaCheckoutOrder)
var checkoutPage = _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel.WebsiteModel.Fields.GetValue(AcceleratorWebsiteFieldNameConstants.CheckouPage).EntitySystemId.MapTo();


How can I fix this?

Klarna Checkout version: 4.7.103
Litium version: 7.2.3

Is the call from an external API?

One solution is to update AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod to accept the website id as a parameter and then pass that through in the method call from UpdateDataSentToKlarna. The latter receives an order carrier object which has a property for the website id, orderCarrier.WebSiteID

With that you can retrieve the website and then the page pointer.
So something like:

var website = _websiteService.Get(websiteId);
var checkoutPage = website.Fields.GetValue(AcceleratorWebsiteFieldNameConstants.CheckouPage).EntitySystemId.MapTo();

It is accelerator code in Src\Litium.Accelerator.Mvc\App_Start\KlarnaPaymentConfigv3.cs where method AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod is called from UpdateDataSentToKlarna. GetWidget is calling this at row215
var klarnaCheckout = LitiumKcoApi.CreateFrom(paymentAccountId, _paymentConfig.UpdateDataSentToKlarna);

Next problem, also throws an exception a few rows down in AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod
var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);
Any idea of how to fix this?

Not sure what your latest exception is, only that you got one.

Can you test the following and see if that is working for you?

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Globalization;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using Litium.Accelerator.Constants;
using Litium.Accelerator.Mvc.Controllers.Checkout;
using Litium.Accelerator.Payments;
using Litium.Accelerator.Routing;
using Litium.AddOns.Klarna;
using Litium.AddOns.Klarna.Abstractions;
using Litium.AddOns.Klarna.Configuration;
using Litium.AddOns.Klarna.Kco;
using Litium.AddOns.Klarna.PaymentArgs;
using Litium.FieldFramework.FieldTypes;
using Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.Carriers;
using Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.Plugins.Payments;
using Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.ShoppingCarts;
using Litium.Foundation.Security;
using Litium.Globalization;
using Litium.Runtime.AutoMapper;
using Litium.Web;
using Litium.Web.Mvc;
using Litium.Web.Routing;
using Litium.Web.Models.Websites;
using Litium.Websites;
using Litium.Runtime.DependencyInjection;
using Klarna.Rest.Core.Model;

namespace Litium.Accelerator.Mvc.App_Start
    [Service(ServiceType = typeof(KlarnaPaymentConfigV3))]
    public class KlarnaPaymentConfigV3
        private readonly IErrorPageResolver _errorPageResolver;
        private readonly ChannelService _channelService;
        private readonly LanguageService _languageService;
        private readonly WebsiteService _websiteService;
        private readonly UrlService _urlService;

        public KlarnaPaymentConfigV3(IErrorPageResolver errorPageResolver,
            ChannelService channelService,
            LanguageService languageService,
            WebsiteService websiteService,
            UrlService urlService)
            _errorPageResolver = errorPageResolver;
            _channelService = channelService;
            _languageService = languageService;
            _websiteService = websiteService;
            _urlService = urlService;

        public void AddOrUpdateAdditionalOrderInfo(OrderCarrier orderCarrier, string key, string value)
            var item = orderCarrier.AdditionalOrderInfo.Find(x => x.Key == key && !x.CarrierState.IsMarkedForDeleting);
            if (item == null)
                orderCarrier.AdditionalOrderInfo.Add(new AdditionalOrderInfoCarrier(key, orderCarrier.ID, value));
                if (item.Value != value)
                    item.Value = value;

#pragma warning disable IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
        public void AddressUpdate(CheckoutOrder checkoutOrderData)
#pragma warning restore IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
            // If the campaigns depend on address location, re-calculate the cart, after updating delivery addresses.
            // if you recalculate order totals, the checkoutOrderData must contain the correct order rows and order total values.

#pragma warning disable IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
        public void UpdateDataSentToKlarna(UrlHelper urlHelper, OrderCarrier orderCarrier, KlarnaPaymentArgs paymentArgs, CheckoutOrder klarnaCheckoutOrder)
#pragma warning restore IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
            //if the project has specific data to be sent to Klarna, outside the order carrier,
            //or has them as additional order info, and is not handled by the Klarna addOn, modify the klarnaCheckoutOrder parameter.
            //it is the klarnaCheckoutOrder object that will be sent to Klarna checkout api at Klarna.
            //the format of klarnaCheckoutOrder parameter is described in Klarna API documentation https://developers.klarna.com.

            //Set the checkout options here.
            klarnaCheckoutOrder.CheckoutOptions = new CheckoutOptions
                AllowSeparateShippingAddress = true,
                ColorButton = "#ff69b4",
                DateOfBirthMandatory = true

            //External payment methods should be configured for each Merchant account by Klarna before they are used.
            AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod(urlHelper, orderCarrier, klarnaCheckoutOrder);

        /// <summary>
        ///     Validates the checkout order.
        ///     you may save additional order info into the order, during validations.
        ///     following is a sample which saves the date of birth as additional order info.
        /// </summary>
        /// <remarks>
        ///     The method need to return within 3 seconds to be able to cancel placed an order at Klarna.
        /// </remarks>
        /// <param name="order">The order.</param>
        /// <param name="controller">The controller.</param>
        /// <returns>ValidationResult.</returns>
        public ValidationResult ValidateCheckoutOrder(ILitiumKcoOrder order)
            var kcoOrder = order as LitiumKcoOrder;
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(kcoOrder?.CheckoutOrder?.CheckoutCustomer?.DateOfBirth))
                AddOrUpdateAdditionalOrderInfo(order.OrderCarrier, "DateOfBirth", kcoOrder.CheckoutOrder.CheckoutCustomer.DateOfBirth);

            var channel = _channelService.Get(order.OrderCarrier.ChannelID);
            var language = channel.WebsiteLanguageSystemId.HasValue ? _languageService.Get(channel.WebsiteLanguageSystemId.Value) : null;
            CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture = language != null ? language.CultureInfo : CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture;
            var routeRequestLookupInfo = new RouteRequestLookupInfo()
                Channel = channel,
                IsSecureConnection = true,
            _errorPageResolver.TryGet(routeRequestLookupInfo, out var routeRequestInfo);

            // following result is used by Klarna AddOn to send the validation result back to Klarna.
            // ReSharper disable once ConvertToLambdaExpression
            return new ValidationResult
                IsOrderValid = true,
                RedirectToUrlOnValidationFailure = routeRequestInfo.DataPath,

        /// <summary>
        ///     Adds the cash on delivery external payment method., by using Litium default "DirectPay" as the payment method.
        ///     Note: To use, Klarna has to configure the "Cash on delivery" external payment method for the merchant account.
        /// </summary>
        private void AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod(UrlHelper urlHelper, OrderCarrier orderCarrier, CheckoutOrder klarnaCheckoutOrder)
            var checkoutPage = _websiteService.Get(orderCarrier.WebSiteID)?.Fields.GetValue<PointerPageItem>(AcceleratorWebsiteFieldNameConstants.CheckouPage)?.EntitySystemId.MapTo<Page>();
            var channel = _channelService.Get(orderCarrier.ChannelID);
            if (checkoutPage == null || channel == null)

            var redirectUrl = string.Concat(
                _urlService.GetUrl(checkoutPage, new PageUrlArgs(channel.SystemId) { AbsoluteUrl = true }),
                Web.Mvc.Constants.RoutePathDelimiter, nameof(CheckoutController.PlaceOrderDirect));

            var routeValues = new
                PaymentProvider = "DirectPay",
                PaymentMethod = "DirectPayment",
                RedirectUrl = redirectUrl

            var changePaymentProviderUrl = new Uri(urlHelper.Action("ChangePaymentMethod", "KlarnaPayment", routeValues, Uri.UriSchemeHttps)).AbsoluteUri;
            var cashOnDeliveryExternalPayment = new PaymentProvider
                Name = "Cash on delivery",
                RedirectUrl = changePaymentProviderUrl,
                Fee = 0

            klarnaCheckoutOrder.ExternalPaymentMethods = new List<PaymentProvider>

        public class KlarnaWidget : IPaymentWidget<KlarnaProvider>
            private readonly IPaymentInfoCalculator _paymentInfoCalculator;
            private readonly KlarnaPaymentConfigV3 _paymentConfig;
            private readonly SecurityToken _securityToken;
            private readonly RequestModelAccessor _requestModelAccessor;
            private readonly RouteRequestLookupInfoAccessor _routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor;
            private readonly UrlService _urlService;
            private readonly PaymentWidgetService _paymentWidgetService;
            private readonly PageService _pageService;
            private readonly CartAccessor _cartAccessor;

            public KlarnaWidget(
                IPaymentInfoCalculator paymentInfoCalculator,
                KlarnaPaymentConfigV3 paymentConfig,
                SecurityToken securityToken,
                RequestModelAccessor requestModelAccessor,
                RouteRequestLookupInfoAccessor routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor,
                UrlService urlService,
                PaymentWidgetService paymentWidgetService,
                PageService pageService,
                CartAccessor cartAccessor)
                _paymentInfoCalculator = paymentInfoCalculator;
                _paymentConfig = paymentConfig;
                _securityToken = securityToken;
                _requestModelAccessor = requestModelAccessor;
                _routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor = routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor;
                _paymentWidgetService = paymentWidgetService;
                _urlService = urlService;
                _pageService = pageService;
                _cartAccessor = cartAccessor;

            public PaymentWidgetResult GetWidget(OrderCarrier order, PaymentInfoCarrier paymentInfo)
                var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);
                var paymentAccountId = _paymentWidgetService.GetPaymentAccountId(paymentInfo.PaymentMethod);
                var klarnaCheckout = LitiumKcoApi.CreateFrom(
                    (orderCarrier, payment, kcoOrder) => _paymentConfig.UpdateDataSentToKlarna(urlHelper, orderCarrier, payment, kcoOrder));

                var checkoutOrder = string.IsNullOrEmpty(paymentInfo.TransactionNumber) ? null : klarnaCheckout.FetchKcoOrder(order);
                if (checkoutOrder == null || checkoutOrder.KlarnaOrderStatus == KlarnaOrderStatus.Incomplete)
                    using (new PaymentWidgetService.DistributedLock(order))
                        _paymentInfoCalculator.CalculateFromCarrier(order, _securityToken);
                        var args = CreatePaymentArgs(order, paymentAccountId);

                        checkoutOrder = klarnaCheckout.CreateOrUpdateKcoOrder(order, args);

                switch (checkoutOrder.KlarnaOrderStatus)
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Incomplete:
                        return new PaymentWidgetResult
                            Id = nameof(PaymentMethod.KlarnaCheckout),
                            IsChangeable = true,
                            ResponseString = checkoutOrder.HtmlSnippet,
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Error:
                        throw new Exception(checkoutOrder.HtmlSnippet);
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Authorized:
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Cancelled:
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Captured:
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Complete:
                    case KlarnaOrderStatus.Created:
                        return new PaymentWidgetResult
                            Id = nameof(PaymentMethod.KlarnaCheckout),
                            IsChangeable = false,
                            ResponseString = checkoutOrder.HtmlSnippet,

                throw new Exception(checkoutOrder.HtmlSnippet);

            bool IPaymentWidget.IsEnabled(string paymentMethod)
                return paymentMethod.EndsWith(nameof(PaymentMethod.KlarnaCheckout), StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);

#pragma warning disable IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
            private ExecutePaymentArgs CreatePaymentArgs(OrderCarrier order, string paymentAccountId)
#pragma warning restore IDE0060 // Remove unused parameter
                var tlsUsage = _routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor.RouteRequestLookupInfo.IsSecureConnection;
                if (!tlsUsage)
                    this.Log().Trace("Klarna Checkout Validation is disabled. To enable the validate you need to use https on the checkout page.");

                var checkoutFlowInfo = _cartAccessor.Cart.CheckoutFlowInfo;
                checkoutFlowInfo.ExecutePaymentMode = ExecutePaymentMode.Reserve;
                checkoutFlowInfo.RequireConsumerConfirm = false;

                var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);

                var checkoutPage = _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel.WebsiteModel.Fields.GetValue<PointerPageItem>(AcceleratorWebsiteFieldNameConstants.CheckouPage);
                var checkoutPageUrl = GetAbsolutePageUrl(checkoutPage);
                var checkoutPageEntity = checkoutPage.EntitySystemId.MapTo<PageModel>();
                var termsAndConditionPage = checkoutPageEntity.GetValue<PointerPageItem>(CheckoutPageFieldNameConstants.TermsAndConditionsPage);
                var termsAndConditionPageUrl = GetAbsolutePageUrl(termsAndConditionPage);

                var channelUri = new Uri(_urlService.GetUrl(_requestModelAccessor.RequestModel.ChannelModel.Channel, new ChannelUrlArgs() { AbsoluteUrl = true }));
                var confirmationUrl = new Uri(channelUri, urlHelper.Action("Confirmation", "KlarnaPayment", null, Uri.UriSchemeHttps));
                var validateUrl = new Uri(channelUri, urlHelper.Action("Validate", "KlarnaPayment", null, Uri.UriSchemeHttps));
                var pushUrl = new Uri(channelUri, urlHelper.Action("PushNotification", "KlarnaPayment", null, Uri.UriSchemeHttps));
                var updateAddressUrl = new Uri(channelUri, urlHelper.Action("AddressUpdate", "KlarnaPayment", null, Uri.UriSchemeHttps));

                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.TermsUrlKey, termsAndConditionPageUrl);
                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.CheckoutUrlKey, checkoutPageUrl);
                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.ConfirmationUrlKey, confirmationUrl.AbsoluteUri);
                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.PushUrlKey, pushUrl.AbsoluteUri);

                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.ValidationUrlKey, validateUrl.AbsoluteUri);
                checkoutFlowInfo.SetValue(ConstantsAndKeys.AddressUpdateUrlKey, updateAddressUrl.AbsoluteUri);

                return new KlarnaPaymentArgsCreator().CreatePaymentArgs(checkoutFlowInfo);

            private string GetAbsolutePageUrl(PointerPageItem pointer)
                if (pointer == null)
                    return null;
                var page = _pageService.Get(pointer.EntitySystemId);
                if (page == null)
                    return null;

                var channelSystemId = pointer.ChannelSystemId != Guid.Empty ? pointer.ChannelSystemId : _routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor.RouteRequestLookupInfo.Channel.SystemId;
                return _urlService.GetUrl(page, new PageUrlArgs(channelSystemId) { AbsoluteUrl = true });

Update the KlarnaPaymentController.CreateKlarnaCheckoutApi to the following

        private ILitiumKcoApi CreateKlarnaCheckoutApi(string merchantId)
            return KlarnaV2.StudioKlarnaCheckoutApi.CreateFrom(merchantId, _paymentConfigv2.UpdateDataSentToKlarna)
                ?? LitiumKcoApi.CreateFrom(
                    (order, payment, kcoOrder) => _paymentConfigv3.UpdateDataSentToKlarna(Url, order, payment, kcoOrder));

Sorry, forgot to say that the exception is Object reference not set to an instance of an object. for HttpContext.Current on this row

var urlHelper = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext);

I tried your code (had to change PaymentWidgetService to KlarnaPaymentService and add method ValidateCheckoutOrder) but I get the same error. Does this work for you, I mean HttpContext.Current is not null for you?

In the background a new Task is created and it does not contain HttpContext.Current.
This is a bug that we have to fix.

Ok, thanks! Looking forward to it :wink:

I updated the sample-code above to make it work, the code is from the latest code base so it can be some other changes that may not work for you, the change to get this to work is to pass UrlHelper into the UpdateDataSentToKlarna and AddCashOnDeliveryExternalPaymentMethod-methods, also little change how the url is resolved.

Using the var redirectUrl = urlHelper.Action(checkoutPage, routeValues: new { action = nameof(CheckoutController.PlaceOrderDirect) }, channel: channel); is not working due to a bug that will be fixed in next release.

I have sort of the same issue but I’m using the paypal-plugin. The _requestModelAccessor.RequestModel is null when the payment is done and the confirmation mail should be sent. Is it the same bug that is causing this?
I should maybe move this to it’s own topic.

I think this is the same issue.

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