Klarna Checkout page uriString Error

I get the below error

Messages: Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: uriString

Exception: System.ArgumentNullException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089

   at System.Uri..ctor(String uriString)

   at Litium.AddOns.Klarna.PaymentArgs.KlarnaPaymentArgs.GetMerchantUrls(String paymentAccountId)

   at Litium.AddOns.Klarna.Kco.LitiumKcoApi.CreateOrUpdateKcoOrder(OrderCarrier orderCarrier, ExecutePaymentArgs args)

I have created a new channel, and setup a new klarna test account as payment provider.
The old payment provider works fine without any problem.

Please let me know what could be possible wrong with the new setup.
The url to new channel is accessible from internet.

Litium version: [7.4.1]

The URLs are set in KlarnaPaymentConfigV3 and it seems like some of the URLs are null. You should debug CreatePaymentArgs to see which ones. It could be because you’re trying to get the URL for page that is not yet published on your new channel.


All the values are set and the page is published and visible.

Only difference I could note was
First channel has the parameters set, which works fine.

but the new channel doesnt have the parameters set.

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