ITargetGroupProcessor fires only once per session

Hi, the Loop54 TargetGroup processor is only sending a push to Loop one per page/session? I want to mimic this.

Can I somehow access this filter list of am Guessing Guid?

public PushProcessor(ILoop54SettingsResolver loop54SettingsResolver, SecurityToken securityToken)
            _securityToken = securityToken;
            _loop54SettingsResolver = loop54SettingsResolver;

Litium version: 7.1

Could you elaborate on what you want to achieve?

I want to emulate a pageView so I’m raising a targetGroupEvent / PageEvent manually.
But I send this every page load, but the original behavior seam to only raise it once per session/page.

I could of course just store a list of visited guid in the session, but since it already seam to exist, I don’t want to reimplement it not necessary

You can take a look at the code at the custom made TargetGroup condition that exist, if it would be any help:
But this condition also fires once per new session also.

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