Non public prices in Google shopping feed

We have an issue that incorrect prices are being included in the Google shopping feed. We have two different price lists, the one with the lowest priority is configured with a group permission:

The default price list is configured for Visitors:

When I’m rebuilding the the feed manually using “refresh=true” the correct prices are included but when the scheduled job is rebuilding it the non public/visitor prices are being fetched instead.

Any idea how we could solve this?

Litium version: 7.6.1

We had almost same issue, but in our case it was about listePrice vs campaignPrice. using the query string fetch correct price (which was the campaignPrice) but the scheduler task fetched always the listPrice. I solved this by implementing a work around in my PriceAgentItemFactoryImpl and override the fetched price with the correct one. Hope that this will help a bit.

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Please, report a bug about this on the docs site for correcting.

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