Override preview image in PIM

Is it possible to override how Back office fetch the display image used in product lists in back office? Many of our customers only use variant images, and sometimes keep the base product for contextual images that are common for all variants. But these contextual images are not good as a preview image.

I would rather have it take the first image from the first variant instead.

Litium version: 7.4

Would that still be a problem if you switch to Variants mode to show variants in the list? Otherwise I don’t think it is possible to override the preview image.

If you’re referring to the display template setting, then unfortunately not. We need it set to BaseProduct because the PDP is tied to the BaseProduct.

It would be nice if there where a simple overridable service available.

No I meant this one in product list:

Sorry to hear it could not solve your problem. Maybe throw an idea in the portal then :slight_smile:

I had never seen that setting before, but I realise it must be new since somewhere between 7.3 and 7.4 :slight_smile: It might solve the immediate problem.

Glad to hear! Yeah it was introduced in 7.4.

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