Person events on Litium 5.5.1 or cache ModuleRelation.Persons

In in newer versions of Litium there is EventBroker and ‘PersonCreated’, ‘PersonDeleted’ and ‘PersonUpdated’ events. Is there any similar system in 5.5.1? I see event broker in this version but events seems to be limited to product area.

I require this for some caching purposes, so if there any other way to introduce in-memory cache for ModuleRelation.Persons it would be great to know.

Litium version: 5.5.1

It’s different APIs for the different modules, everything is moving to the new way with the EventBroker and with Litium 7 only orders are missing.

For Litium 5 you can use the former event managing system, via the EventManager.

ModuleRelations.Instance.EventManager.PersonUpdated += OnPersonUpdatedMetod;
ModuleRelations.Instance.EventManager.PersonCreated += OnPersonCreatedMetod;
ModuleRelations.Instance.EventManager.PersonDeleted += OnPersonDeletedMetod;

The ID of the person is passed with the event.

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