UnitTest classes inheriting from LitiumApplicationTestBase fail due to database connection timeout

I guess this probably applies to all versions of Litium 5 and up.

I would like to avoid at all costs setting-up too much in my unittests, but at least in version 5 there are cases were I can’t get around a service resolving something from the global IoC. With all the necessary NuGet packages included I finally ended up with a database connection timeout. Which makes sense, because I don’t want to connect to a database in my UnitTest’s!

Is there any way to get around this?

Litium version: Litium 5

It’s not possible to start the application without an database. To be able to answer if it exists a workaround that you can use we need to know what your test is dependent of and maybe the exception you was getting before adding Litium as an runnable application.