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I have a case where the client is interested in pre orders and I am looking for somewhat general information on how to handle this in litium. Klarna can only keep a payment for a maximum of 30 days, and the client needs this to extend over a longer period than that. The problem (or one of them, I guess) is that the user should not have to re-approve the payment once the pre ordered products have been restocked.

Litium version: 7

Hi we do not handle pre-orders in Litium for the time being, but I can send you some possible solution we got from Klarna in mail.

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The solution suggested by Klarna is to create a “token”, that can later be used to create the actual order. This means, the buyer is actually paying, and the order is only created after the pre-order items are actually available for sale.
You need to send an official request to support@litium.com to update the Klarna addon for this functionality, as the current AddOn version does not support it.

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