How many price lists can you have?

Is there an officially supported/recommended maximum number of price lists in a solution with regards to performance? In general and in scenarios where you have e.g. one thousand, ten thousand and a hundred thousand variants?

Litium version: 5.6.0

Larger amount of variants * prices may need extra ram memory to handle for the web fronts, but it is hard to say a limit what is working. The performance also depends on what other data that exists and how the front-end is written, to not forgot about the amount of requests (visitors) that the site need to be handle.

So the best in your situation is to test what is working in your solution for the customer.

In this specific case there are a number of organisations (around a thousand) that should have different prices. And we have about two thousand variants. I hope this won’t be a problem(?).

So around 2 000 000 prices? It should not be any problem.

Do you have a number at where we should start worrying? I have a project which will have around 300-700 pricelists with 5000-25000 variants. We are not sure about the exact numbers yet. Most pricelist will probably be < 10000 prices. some of the prices will be tier prices.

It’s hard to say how fast the car is when you not specify the car…so the best is to test what is working in your solution/environment for the customer.