Litium back office, expected to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge?

Hi all,

We are experiencing very mixed response when using Litium Backoffice from different web browsers.

Chrome = seems really fast
Microsoft Edge = really slow, loads web page in web site administration in 20-25 seconds, if they are even displayed (stops loading after 30 secs)

I saw on the Requirements page for Litium that Internet Explorer latest version is supposed to work, is MS Edge included in that statement?

Litium version: 6.1.1


Back office is working in Microsoft Edge.

In this specific case the site is running behind a CDN network to get faster access around the world.

In back office the product is using signalR for pushing events from the server to the client. The CDN provider is not supporting websockets and Edge browser was falling back to use long polling. When the request should be sent to server the CDN was finding that it already existed an open connection to the server and was waiting for that to complete before processing the new request. This wait-time was causing the latency in request/responses. After reconfiguration of the CDN provider the signalR events will bypass the caches and is sent directly to the origin server.

For other browser the fallback from websockets was into event stream that the CDN provider supports.

Edge and some other browser are not supporting event stream, see full table on