Missing Tabs in Channel view in Backoffice *SOLVED*

Hi all! I’m missing some tabs Under Channel in Backoffice.
It’s supposed to look something like this:

But I only get the “Properties tab” and nothing else.

Did I miss configuration of any kind?

Litium version: [7.3.0]

Are there any errors in the console or network tab?

Thanks for the reply.
Well we solved it. Problem was that the Default FieldTemplate for Channel was empty for unknown reason.
We have just started with an L7 from 5 upgrade with one of our customers. The base project was forked from some other L7.1 solution and we then upgraded to L7.3.0 Maybe this error is fixed in future versions when you download new project from scratch.

So we had to create a new fieldTemplate, in the Globalization Area (Globalization/FieldTemplates) . We called it ChannelFieldTemplate (You can call it anything you like). Voila the tabs were not missing anymore!

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